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--Steel market--

[Construction steel]: On 13 May, domestic rebar prices continue to maintain the consolidation of the main operation, East China prices slightly weakened. The average price of threads in major cities was 3632 yuan/tonne, down 1 yuan/ton from yesterday, up 15 yuan/tonne per week. The closing price of the main contract of thread futures was RMB3464/tonne, the same as yesterday's closing price, and 134 yuan/tonne was compared to the market price of Hangzhou Zhongtian thread 3530 yuan/tonne. Futures after the night rally price dive, today to maintain a low run mainly, the overall spot transaction than yesterday has weakened, afternoon quotations have weakened signs. It is expected that tomorrow's screw prices will maintain a weak operation, prices may be slightly lower overall. (Shen Quan 010-57930530)

[Hot-rolled roll]: On 13 May,  hot-rolled spot price is generally strong but the change is small. The average price of major cities in China was 3501 yuan /tonne, up 2 yuan/tonne from yesterday. Shanghai 3400-3420 yuan / ton stable, Tianjin 3440-3450 yuan / ton stable, Le from 3460-3480 yuan / ton up 10 yuan / ton. Spot trading in major cities was slightly better than yesterday. Hot-rolled futures were up, closing up 4.12 percent at 3,337. Today Yangang's bid price was 10 yuan higher than yesterday. The overall trend of spot prices since this week is strong, but the price change is small, both supply and demand are building strength, short-term prices will still run slightly volatile. (Wenfei Shi 010-57930519)

[Cold-rolled coil]: On 13 May, major cities in the country cold-rolled market prices rose steadily, cold-rolled average price of 4025 yuan / ton, up 4 yuan / ton per day, up 87 yuan / ton per week. Among them, the Northeast, Central and South China region rose significantly, Shanghai market price Angang 1.0 cold roll 3900 yuan / ton rose 10 yuan / ton; Today cold rolling market in some parts of the still maintain the upward momentum, according to traders feedback, the transaction is not ideal, downstream demand slightly weak, mainly in the early procurement of resources need to digest time, the recent continued replenishment intention is weak. After a series of pull-ups, the market optimism weakened, turned to cautious wait-and-see-oriented, the market still bearish expectations. Short-term market volatility is expected to stabilize. (Xiaojiao Wng 010-57930520)

[Coating]: On 13 May, the average price of 1.0 flowerless galvanized in major cities nationwide was 4347 yuan/tonne, flat from yesterday, the average price of 0.3mm galvanized in major cities nationwide was 4270 yuan/tonne, flat from yesterday, and the average price of 0.47 color coating in major cities was 5353 yuan/tonne today, flat from yesterday. Black system futures night high down, coated plate prices continue to rise power shortage, more to maintain a smooth operation. Boxing sheet resource price correction 10-20 yuan / ton, mainly by the local environmental protection impact, color coating line large area stop maintenance, galvanized manufacturers shipped limited, inventory pressure increased. Upstream hot volume supply is reduced, and prices continue to rise, so that coating manufacturers profit reduction, production will decline than the previous period, which will slow down production growth, conducive to easing the contradiction between supply and demand, to prevent a sharp decline in prices. Overall, the current market uncertainties are more, manufacturers are currently more concerned about the macro-policy aspects of the two sessions, before the price will not be large fluctuations, is expected to be mainly small shocks in the near future. (Dongxu Liu 010-57930525)

[Mid-plate]: On 13 May, China-Thick plate quote: Shanghai 16-20mm Ping steel price 3680-3700 yuan / ton, Tianjin Tiangong 3560 yuan / ton, Le Cong Liugang 3820 yuan / ton, overall stability, with few down. Today, overall trading situation of the national board in general, scarce specifications to increase the price of goods smoothly, other specifications dark down shipments can still. From the market feedback point of view, the vast majority of current lying resources from steel mills last month's production, The overall output in April is small, uneven specifications is inevitable, so it seems that the short-term market specification shortage situation is more difficult to significantly improve, high medium plate prices still have strong support, in the later large number of resources to supplement, the national mid-plate price may present a high volatility market. (Fei Pei 010-57930514)

[Silicon steel]: The average price of non-directional silicon steel on the 13th was 4700 yuan/tonne, which was stable compared to yesterday, and the average price of silicon steel was 13900 yuan/tonne, which was stable compared to yesterday. Today's overall steel price rise is weak, futures performance is also general, and then transmitted to the silicon steel market is also flat. The market price of non-orientation silicon steel changed little, some merchants after the previous increase of 20-50 yuan / ton after the beginning began to wait and see, is still waiting for the steel plant orders. Downstream, home power plants began to negotiate with the steel mills order concessions, is still in the game, it is recommended that merchants operate carefully, waiting for the market. Orientation silicon steel because of the steel mill direct supply ratio is high, the market circulation is small, coupled with the steel mills introduced price policy for the flat, so basically stable-oriented. Overall, it is expected that in the short term the silicon steel market will be mainly stable. (Bo Chang 010-57930518)

[Seamless tube]: On13 May,  domestic seamless tube market prices stable in the middle of the down, transactions in general. From the price of 24 major cities in the country, the daily average price of 4309 yuan / ton, down 4 yuan / ton from yesterday, down 30 yuan / ton from the same period last week. Today, the price of pipe blank market is stable, is now statistics 10 tube blank factory cast tube blank in May planned production of about 300,000 tons, down about 40% compared to the same period last year, so the market cast tube blank resources are less, so that Jiangsu area cast tube blanks flow to Shandong. Although limited, but enough to see that the current Shandong pipe billet production is difficult to supply the needs of local pipe factories. With the late Shandong pipe factory gradually resumed full production, cast pipe billet volume or more nervous. It is expected that the chance of a steady rise in the late tube billet market will increase. Today seamless pipe factory prices temporarily remained stable, shipping situation in general, late pipe factory or face high costs and weak demand embarrassing situation. The seamless tube market is expected to be supported by costs, with a downward trend likely to be hampered. There is the possibility of stabilisation in the latter stages. (Weiwei Li 010-57930631)

[Stainless steel market]

On the 13th, LME nickel edged lower in the Asian session in a narrow swing, eventually closing at $12,270 a tonne, down $15/tonne (0.01%) from the previous day's close. SHFE nickel futures main contract, its price fell below 100,000 yuan / ton, and finally closed near 10.11 million yuan / ton, the previous day's closing price is basically the same. SHFE stainless steel futures main contract, its price after a small recovery, finally closed at 13505 yuan / ton, up 70 yuan / ton (0.52%).

Nickel prices remained stable, with the average price of CFR at 1.5 per cent of nickel mines in the Philippines at US$39 per wet ton, mainly due to the fact that the main Philippine nickel mining producing areas have begun to produce mines in an orderly manner. The average price of high nickel pig iron stabilized near 980 yuan/nickel, and the spot price of electrolytic nickel fell by 0.24 million yuan/tonne (2.33%) at 10.06 million yuan/tonne.

Taigang and Qingshan stainless steel factory prices steadily rising, of which Qingshan rose higher than Taigang. Taisteel 13 Wuxi area hot and cold rolled stainless steel guide price, its short-term trend appeared differentiation. The base price of each line of hot roll remained stable, 430 cold volume base price is the same as the previous day's price, 300 series cold volume base price rose 100 yuan / ton. Among them, 304 cold volume base price of 14150 yuan / ton, 3016L cold volume base price 20100 yuan / ton, 321 cold volume base price of 16200 yuan / ton. Qingshan 304 hot-rolled narrow band re-opened, up 300 yuan / ton;

Today Wuxi market 304 hot and cold rolling spot price steady in a small decline, there is no significant correction, mainly by the steel mills strong willingness to support the price. However, according to market feedback, the transaction continued to weaken, the basis of spot prices have loosened. Especially in the last two days SHFE stainless steel futures main contract price and LME nickel price impulse can be obviously insufficient, the price appeared a moderate correction. Coupled with the weak downstream demand, the final price of stainless steel to temporarily suspend the rise, but because the spot resources are not abundant, the correction range is limited.

At present, it seems that stainless steel prices will be adjusted by a certain amount to fully digest the recent increase. But when the market ushered in a new rise factor, it still has a certain amount of room for improvement.Cheng Bo 010-57930673

--Raw materials market--

[Imported ore]: On 13  May,  iron ore futures opened high overnight, the whole day volatility strong operation, the main contract closed at 645.5 yuan / ton, up 2.14%, the volume increased by 350,000 lots, the position increased by 35,000 lots. Today's port spot market early quotation increase of 5 yuan / ton, Shandong region early quotation PB fines is 675 yuan / ton, Carajar fine is 815 yuan / ton, Jinbu ba fine  is 610 yuan / ton, Shandong region final transaction prices for PB fine are  668/670/671/672 yuan / ton, Super special fine are 540/541 yuan / ton; Tangshan area early quotation PB fine is  685 yuan / ton, Carajar  fine is fines is 815 yuan / ton, super special fines is  555 yuan / ton, Tangshan area end-of-price pb fines is  680 yuan / ton, mixed fines is  607 yuan / ton. Early spot price increase of 5 yuan / ton, trade business market enthusiasm is still good, strong willingness to price, steel mill inquiry sentiment in general, the transaction is mainly concentrated in the low-cut Australian powder and block ore. At present is still in the peak steel demand season, steel inventory de-mining is still in progress, steel mills under the support of profits production enthusiasm is higher, the willingness to increase production is strong, iron ore daily consumption remains high, short-term iron ore demand is relatively strong; Overall, the short-term iron ore price is dominated by volatility. (Cong Liu 010-57930682)

[Domestic mine]: On 13 May,  domestic iron concentrate powder market stable in the strong, some areas of iron concentrate fine prices have risen. Hebei Zunhua iron fine  price rose 8 yuan, moved to the west up 24 yuan, moved up 10 yuan; Liaoning Jianping fine price rose 10 yuan, Benxi, Liaoyang rose 20 yuan; Shanxi traditional confrontation, Lingqiu fine powder price rose 10 yuan. In addition, the purchase price of some steel mills in northern Hebei increased by 10-20 yuan. According to our research shows that the main reason for the price increase is two: First, since May, downstream real estate and infrastructure demand for steel, steel mill production situation than in April has been larger. Second, affected by the previous outbreak, the current level of refined powder stocks in steel mills is generally low, the current willingness to replenish the stock is stronger. It is expected that this week the domestic market will continue to maintain the current level of steady and strong, price to stability-oriented. ( Geyi Zhu  010-57930676)

[Coke]: On 13 May, coke market stable operation, Tangshan quasi-first-level tax-bearing to the factory 1750-1770 yuan / ton, Shanxi quasi-first-level tax-bearing factory 1550-1600 yuan / ton. Shanxi coking plant increase is still more positive, other areas of coking plant temporarily wait and see; Downstream steel mills for price increases still have not responded, the recent high-speed road congestion phenomenon, steel mills coke arrival in general, and steel mills blast furnaces started to pick up, the demand for coke procurement increased. Port spot quotation is strong, traders procurement normal, port inventory decline. To sum up, coke prices in the supply of normal, demand has been released under the positive support, to maintain a stable and good operation. (Fengxia Liu15010177915)

[Coking coal]: On 13 May,  domestic coking coal prices weak fall, transactions still did not improve. Shanxi Liulin region low sulfur main coking coal S0.8 quote 1310 down 40 yuan / ton, other regions mainstream report 1300-1350 yuan / ton. At present, downstream sign-off is still not active, more to maintain small single procurement-based, recent low-sulfur coking coal continued to fall, downstream procurement to maintain a wait-and-see. Imported coking coal, the price of hard coking coal in Australia recently 123.5 us dollars / ton, an increase of US$2 / ton, compared with domestic coking coal still has a certain price advantage. With the resumption of customs clearance at the port, the import of coal resources increased, transactions in general. Under the constraint of increasing inventory pressure and weak downstream procurement demand, coking coal prices are still weak and falling. (Fengxia Liu15010177915)

[Steel billet]: On 13 May, the price of steel billets in most parts of the country showed a rise, ranging from 10-60 yuan/tonne, of which Tangshan reported 3150 yuan/tonne, Jiangsu reported 3240-3270 yuan/ton, and Northeast 3150 yuan/tonne, the overall transaction was generally more affordable. Recent lying of futures, many shocks, it is difficult to give spot favourable support. The current billet resources are more than less than the state of demand, coupled with the recent limited import resources to Hong Kong, the pressure on domestic billets is not obvious, so manufacturers are more willing to bargain. However, taking into account the continuous pull-up, downstream demand gradually slow, lack of upward momentum, so a comprehensive view of the short-term billet market or a small firm market. ( Lei Qiu 13582548705)

[Scrap steel]: The scrap steel market rose and fell on the 13th today, the price increase of steel mills mainly concentrated in East and North China, the increase of 30-80 yuan / ton range; At present, the East China market heavy waste does not include tax 2100-2420 yuan / ton, Tangshan region mainstream heavy A 2450-2530 yuan / ton, southwest region electric furnace plant heavy waste 2270-2370 yuan / ton. At present, the arrival situation of steel mills has not significantly improved, some of the low inventory of steel mills still have the demand for replenishment, short-term scrap prices have some support. However, independent electric furnace plant is in a loss-making state, the southwest region electric furnace plant has been operating at a lower price, waste steel continued to rise power is insufficient. It is expected that the short-term scrap market is running steadily in the middle of the consolidation, and the late stage should be alert to the downwind. (Liyang Shi 010-57930504)